I am pleased to tell all of you with images in our files that the archiving process is pretty much done now. The BC Archives has taken away 30 or so bankers’ boxes of negatives, discs and prints. The University of Victoria has taken 16 bankers’ boxes of negatives and prints and the City of Victoria has taken 2 boxes. The Royal BC Museum also took at least a palate load of arcane equipment and the promise of more ¬†gear to be added when I finally hang it all up in my dotage.

For the negatives that were not sold out or donated, we had to separate the negs from their sleeves as the shredding recyclers didn’t want the sleeves. The sleeves alone took up four large garden-waste bags! We now have 180 pounds of just bare negatives and 4 boxes of digital discs to shred, that being about 1/3 of the original total.

For those of you whose images are now with the various archives, it will be some time before they are sufficiently catalogued and filed ready for public access, so check on-line with these archives in a few years. A short time to wait considering that you or your company or product will become ¬†“immortal” in the process.

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