Beginning September 2014 the artist’s copywork service that I have performed for over 40 years will continue but under the ¬†administration of Scott and Karina at ArtInk Print in the same location. I have moved the copy studio from its previous space up the hall to a room that ArtInk leases. Although ArtInk will administer the business, I will service the photographic digital capture as normal. I do not expect any changes in fees or ¬†paradigms; you will still be able to own all of the resulting files and you will not be at all required to use the further services of ArtInk Print.

There will be occasions when I am away or on holidays: I will extensively train Scott and Karina in the exacting procedures so that our service will not be delayed.

ArtInk can be reached at 250-888-2621

604 Yates St at Gov’t St. above the Starbucks on the corner.

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