WE ARE NOT CLOSING but we are selling, destroying or donating all of our negatives and digital images. These are all your images and so each of these options affects you; Please READ ON..


Dear friends and clients, Today, I write to convey news that may be of significant importance to you: Cheryl and I are in a process of downsizing and divesting ourselves of all of our archived negatives and digital images. This dovetails with the request that we make available DESTRUBÉ PHOTOGRAPHY’S entire collection of negatives, discs and stored arcane equipment to be considered for donation to the  B.C. Archives and the Royal B.C. Museum and other civic archives.


YOU have allowed us to shoot some amazing photographs over the last 42+ years. Thank you! It continues to be our privilege to capture the memories that put a smile on your face, and to showcase your personal and public achievements, milestones, products, talents and services.

Unlike books or magazines for which many identical copies exist, the photographs that make up our collection are unique. Each is a one-of-a-kind visual record of a meaningful moment in the consummation of a project or the life of friends, customers and community. Every photo offers a glimpse in time since 1972. Today and into the future, our images will serve to document the architectural, social, business and political history of the people who lived and worked in British Columbia and across Canada.

What this means to you is that all of our collection (including your images) is being offered to the BC Archives and the Royal BC Museum. The archivists are here now reviewing and sorting all files in a process to determine which would interest them for possible collection.  So far, about 30 boxes of negatives have been set aside by the archivists. It is not a done deal yet so before this happens and because we know some of you will want to take control of your photographs, we want to give you the option to purchase, for a very nominal fee, negatives or digital scans of selected images important to you. This is the only way we can ensure that images of continuing value remain accessible and usable to YOU. So Please Note: this is possibly a one-time opportunity to declare interest in your photographs as the time rapidly approaches when the collection could move to BC Archives approaches. We have literally a room full of negatives and discs from thousands of clients, ( 42+ years worth ); therefore opportunity to re-contact and re-remind you is limited.

Why am I dwelling on this discussion? For two reasons: First, I want to impress upon you that there is obvious merit in keeping your photographs in your own personal or company archives for future generations or for your own or company retrospectives. Secondly when the collection is transferred to the BC Archives, the photographs will be removed from current usage. This means your images will no longer be readily accessible,. For preservation purposes the negatives and colour prints will eventually be housed in a cold storage facility.  The  Archives has impressed upon us that it will not be possible to request the kind of printing and access service you are used to receiving from us. The BC Archives is being offered all of our work.  Their acquisition process is now ongoing and will be completed by the end of February 2014. Negatives and discs that they don’t want will be either sold to you, our clients, or be destroyed without further notice. Once they are gone, they are gone forever. 

Therefore, if you have any interest in archiving your company’s accomplishments, your life’s work, or your life as seen through our lens, you must CONTACT US NOW before the fate of your images is sealed. Please Email destrube@destrube.com or call 250-384-4511 We will keep you abreast of the developments and the easy options for you to have your own copies no matter what. In any case it will be very inexpensive. All we need from you at the moment is an expression of interest for us to call you once we have found your negatives or digital files. We’ll sort out the details once we have a fuller sense of what we have of yours on file.

Cheryl and I are proud of the considerable collection we have amassed, and extremely honoured that the British Columbia Archives has asked that our images be considered for permanent preservation on the grounds of their enduring cultural, social and historical values. We are particularly pleased photographs concerning those whom we collectively honour and celebrate in our lives will continue to be treasured by future generations.

Sincerely, Rob and Cheryl




The Archives is sorting through all of our negatives and discs to determine which they will collect. There are some dockets that they will want to fully collect, others partially and some not at all. There are three possible scenarios regarding your images:

1) The Archives doesn’t need your images. In this case we are able to provide you with all of the original negatives or digital files that we have archived here for a small fee.

2) The Archives wants your images, which are on negatives. In this case we will have the same small buyout fee but we can’t give you the negatives. We can give you scans from the negatives instead. More about that follows after option 3.

3) The Archives wants your images, which are digital and stored on disc. In this case we will have the same small buyout fee but we will duplicate the discs for you for just $5 per disc.

In Scenario 2 there could be many negatives over many jobs over many years; it will be unlikely that our out-of-town clients will want to come over to peruse the dockets and see which negatives should be scanned for their own future uses and archives. We propose to look in each docket, examining the print-order records. We suggest that only those images that were ordered originally be scanned, thus assuring that your most important images become permanently yours. We will alert you as to how many we find and propose a total cost of scanning the previously valued images.

Please see below the cost of various scans available. Once done, we would have discs of the scans plus any negatives not chosen by the Archives available for pick-up or delivery. In all cases we will have a buy-out fee for all imagery. We propose to collect all of your past jobs into a single lot collection and offer them to you in bulk for a single small price. The price will vary with the size of the collection but most collections will be within the $75 to $300 range.

Business Portraits: $75  or $100  for all we have combined

Weddings: $150

Family or Personal Portraits and Bodyscapes: $100 for all we have combined

Most Commercial: $300 to $500 for entire history on file.

Display or Sample prints: We have hundreds of our sample and display prints in storage in perfect to imperfect condition. They are generally 20×24 down to 8×10. If you are a local client coming to pick up your images please ask if we have a print of; it can be yours for very little, perhaps frame included.

You want to know this: In virtually all cases finished digitally taken Business Portraits, Family Portraits and Commercial images have been worked up in full-resolution, often able to be used much larger than what was ordered and supplied. For example, the Business Portrait Package includes a 2×3” 300 dpi file. The optimized original is actually 11×17” 300 dpi before cropping. When buying out these dockets you will almost always have a fully optimized large file to use for signage, etc, if desired. Or bigger wall prints for your family portrait or display for your business. The original digital captures in almost all cases are in a RAW format for maximum versatility. Reasonably current versions of Photoshop or other raw file editing programmes will open them. There may also be a full set of camera-made jpegs as well. I would recommend that you take your files to a pro lab like Prism Imaging.

For those cases where individual negatives need to be scanned, there are several options available:

Proof Scans

*Per full roll giving a complete record of proofs ( Automated uncorrected proof scans )

4.5 megs each    $20/roll

18 megs (35mm) or 11 megs (6x6cm)  $30/roll

*Per individual 6×6 or 35mm negative ( Automated uncorrected proof scan )                 4.5 megs  or  18 megs    $5 each

Custom Imacon scans from negative or positive of 35mm, 120mm or 4×5 film

*Raw scan at 24MB suitable for around 8×10…. $10.00

*Complete scan at 24MB for around 8×10…. $20.00

*Raw scan at 85 MB suitable for around 16×20…. $20.00

*Complete scan at 85 MB for around 16×20. $40.00

*Raw scan at 150MB for around 30×40…. $25.00

*Complete scan at 150MB for around 30×40. …$50.00

Complete scans are colour, density corrected and dust spotted.


Therefore, if you have any interest in archiving your company’s accomplishments, your life’s work, or your life as seen through our lens, you must CONTACT US NOW before the fate of your images is sealed. Please Email Destrube@destrube.com or call 250-384-4511 We will keep you abreast of the developments and the easy options for you to have your own copies no matter what.


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    1. by jim cassels

      do you have the straith cataglogue???

    2. by Sean Clazie


      I believe my parents had a family portrait done by Rob, is this available as
      a negative ? If you have more than one photo can you let me know along with the associated costs.

      Sean Clazie

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