I will to go over to the Dark Side and into semi-retirement later this summer. The end of August will be my official departure from the studio, turning it over to my successor, Melissa Welsh Photography. ( More on that later ) I will stop accepting new work by the end of July and resume my interest after the middle of October.

In my semi-retirement I want to be intermittently active with a few personal portraits, family portraits, Bodyscapes, and some light commercial work. Special Projects interest me. Please keep me in mind for these endeavours; we will enjoy the creative process unfettered by the strictures of normal daily imperatives. I am pondering a completely revised fee structure and modus operandi that I think you will find very attractive. I will announce the details once I have finished my ruminations.

Copywork will continue through ArtInk Print. I will come to the studio to photograph your work as before but all the administration will be through Scott and Karena. I will also extensively train Scott to photograph in my absences. I expect that all other aspects will remain the same: you can have all of your image files and take them anywhere for printing.

We continue to try to contact as many clients as possible before destroying our negatives and discs. Sadly the task is overly daunting as there are many thousands of these that need to be cleared out by August. The BC Archives has taken about 30 boxes and other civic archives have taken many more, but we are still dealing with the remains of an entire room full of negs and discs. We already have a large stack of boxes ready for recycling and shredding. All of the negs have to be stripped of their sleeves as the shredder company only wants the harder, thicker plastics. The sleeves, which become mountains of vinyl, are recycled separately. It is a full time job for Cheryl to separate them.
We no longer have the time to continue to contact most of you so I say now that you need to call us if you are interested in them before it is too late.

You needn’t feel that you have to engage me quickly before I disappear: I expect to want to continue on for a long time at a much reduced pace. My arrangement with Melissa Welsh allows me a half a day a week in the studio if I want it. And I am very happy to work and play outside of the studio as well.

Once we are closer to the hand-over I will introduce you more properly to Melissa. Until then it is life as normal except that our studio looks to be in some state of chaos as we make the transition so please bear with us. Cheers, Rob and Cheryl

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